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With a comprehensive range of services and training courses, we ensure that every customer gets exactly the service they want. To ensure that the quality of the maintenance, repair and training services lives up to the quality of our products, our employees undergo regular training to ensure that they are up to speed. That is how we create the foundations for trouble-free operation of our customers’ plants and systems.

Fäth Group’s range of services includes:

  • Development of customer-specific maintenance concepts
  • Implementation of all maintenance work
  • Customer service around the clock 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Global network of in-house employees for engineering, assembly and services directly at our customers’ premises
  • Customer training courses focusing on plant and equipment, workflows, maintenance and hazardous materials
  • Tests and qualification of high-purity media systems and clean rooms


4030 / AMD: DEUTSCHLAND, SACHSEN, DRESDEN (GERMANY, SAXONY), 28.07.2008: Prozessorhersteller AMD in Dresden, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., Reinraum, Produktion von Prozessoren fuer Server, Workstation, Desktop- und Mobile Anwendungen, beide Fabriken zaehlen zu den modernsten Halbleiterwerken weltweit, einer der groessten Arbeitgeber in Sachsen, mit Ansiedlung von AMD und Investitionen durch AMD Êentwickelte sich Region zum fuehrenden Zentrum fuer Mikroelektronik in Europa - AMD in Dresden, production in cleanroom, both Dresden facilities stand in the forefront of the most advanced semiconductor facilities worldwide, AMDs investment in Saxony has helped to establish the Dresden region as one of leading center of microelectronics in Europe, AMD manufactures its successful processor families for servers and workstations, desktops and mobile applications

Testing & qualification

As an independent service provider and expert, our IQ Inspection and Qualification department qualifies gas, chemicals ...

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