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Your advantage? Our flexibility

We plan and build plants with great vertical integration and comprehensive service. After all, each customer has its own special requirements.

Hendrik von der Forst,
Head of Technical Operations and Branch Manager

As a family company operating globally, Fäth Group is a leading provider for development, manufacturing, installation, qualification and analysis of gas and chemicals supply systems. As a catalyst, pacemaker and vigilant partner, we ensure that our customers are always that decisive step ahead.


We are a big family of positive thinkers, forward movers and global facilitators, who consistently find or create new solutions in a fair partnership with heart and high standards.

Our fundamental principles and values


  • We set highest quality standards at all stages of the process with our products, systems and services.
  • We are constantly upgrading our own expectations of ourselves, with a strong emphasis on innovation.

Customers and partners

  • Our number one priority is ensuring that our customers and partners can be successful. We do everything necessary to ensure that they reach their business goals.
  • We communicate openly and cooperatively with our customers, partners and suppliers, and value lasting relationships.


  • We work with our employees long-term.
  • We make the most of our experienced employees’ capabilities and are committed to high-quality, regular education, advanced training and continuing professional development.
  • Every single employee is motivated and enjoys their work, as they play an active role in decision-making processes and because it offers them new opportunities for professional and personal development.


  • We communicate openly, directly and comprehensibly for all.
  • We demonstrate responsibility for our performance by regularly measuring, evaluating and reporting internally and to our customers and partners.

Safety and environmental protection

  • We uncompromisingly base our working conditions, processes and behaviours on applicable safety standards, to keep people and the environment safe.
  • We design our products, services and processes to be environmentally friendly and ensure that material resources are used effectively.


Respect is a sign of quality: Code of conduct of Fäth GmbH

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Fäth Reporting Channel

Respect is a sign of quality: Code of conduct of Fäth GmbH

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We are a certified and qualified specialist company with consistent quality management.

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We are where our customers are – with locations in Dresden and Munich, as well as Penang (Malaysia).

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From 4 to 400 employees in 15 years: Fäth has grown continuously since it was founded in 2004.

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