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The Fäth Group offers a wide range of planning services. In process engineering planning, we produce process flow charts that map the complex transfer processes for fluids and gases as well as technical contexts. In design planning processes, we turn your requirements into diagrams, drawings and 3D models. We implement major projects like planning entire factories with Autodesk-Revit for Building Information Modeling (BIM). Advantages include full documentation and a high rate of on-time and in-budget delivery.

Throughout all of our planning works, we incorporate the latest findings from our research and development activities. This results in convincing, cost-effective solutions in terms of materials, use of process technologies and special structural circumstances on site.

We support our customers in the planning process with the following services:

  • Basic evaluation – Concept development – Design planning – Approval planning – Detailed planning – Execution planning
  • CAD technology in all planning steps – from piping & instrumentation flow charts, right up to 3D detailed planning
  • Analysis and simulation of processes
  • Development of test systems
  • Sizing and optimisation of plant systems
  • Planning very small assemblies and complex transfer panels, right up to turnkey plant planning