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Between 2004 and the present day, the family company founded by Michael Fäth has become a highly sought-after partner in the ultra-pure media supply sector. Our 400 employees currently work closely with our customers at 8 different locations and on countless projects worldwide.


Relocation of the headquarters: On March 4th, Klipphausen (near Dresden) has been the new headquarters of Fäth GmbH. All operational and administrative activities that were carried out at the headquarters in Eschau-Hobbach have been transferred to Klipphausen.


  • Change of Managing Directors at Fäth Group GmbH: The Fäth brothers withdraw from management and transfer their shares to Christian Bürkert Familienbeteiligungs-GmbH & Co. KG


  • Expansion of the Fäth GmbH Klipphausen branch: The floor space is growing by 3100 m², expanding the clean room capacities by 350 m² to a total of 800 m². Creating modern and flexible use areas with demand-based modification systems permits expansion and optimisation of production and storage space.


  • Faeth Asia Pacific signs an agreement with the Verantis Environmental Solutions Group (USA). This includes the exclusive right to sell, install and service the entire product range of the Verantis Group in the Malaysian states of Penang and Kedah. The strategic agreement enters into force on 1 February 2015.
  • Faeth Asia Pacific with headquarters in Penang (Malaysia) increased its production capacities by 100% and moved into a new building in the ‘Free Industrial Zone’. The new business premises has 2320 m² of manufacturing space, including clean room space, as well as an additional 465 m² of office space.


  • FAETH Taiwan Co. Ltd signs a contract with Total Systems International, LLC (TSI). From 1 September 2014 on, FAETH Taiwan will be the exclusive supplier of TSI products in Taiwan.


  • Faeth Asia Pacific agrees business relationship with MB Solutions Co. on 15 July 2013. MB Solutions Co. becomes sole distributor for HighQ-Factory slurry recycling products for the Japanese market.
  • P.M. Chemical Resist acquired and integrated in the Faeth Group in January 2013. P.M. Chemical Resist, previously called Plasticon Malaysia, was founded in Penang, Malaysia in March 2009.
  • Faeth Asia Pacific agrees business relationship with IPOSS Tech Inc. IPOSS Tech Inc. becomes sole distributor for HighQ-Factory slurry recycling products for the Korean market in January 2013.


  • FAETH Singapore Pte. Ltd. founded
  • FAETH Shanghai Co. Ltd. founded
  • Faeth Asia Pacific agrees business relationship with ANCHI Technologies Ltd. in October 2012. ANCHI Technologies Ltd. becomes sole distributor for HighQ-Factory slurry recycling products for the Taiwanese market.


  • FAETH Asia-Pacific Sdn. Bhd. founded


  • OOO Fäth Russia founded


  • Relocation of the headquarters to Eschau-Hobbach (near Frankfurt), to ensure the proximity to our customers at all key technology hubs in Germany
  • Continuous global expansion of projects and customers – start of Fäth GmbH’s international growth
  • ИООО Fäth (Belarus) founded


  • Cooperation partner acquired and renamed Fäth GmbH


  • Dresden office opened with 2 employees. The new location in Silicon Saxony guarantees proximity to key customers, companies from the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries as well as research centres.
  • Move to industrial area in Klipphausen (near Dresden) in October. The stainless steel and plastic manufacturing facilities are combined in a 3,000 m² production space.


  • First in-house production of gas panels and prefabrication of vacuum components in the workshop clean room, cabinet construction and plastic installation together with a partner company.
  • As an important location for technology and research, Munich unites important customers and therefore contributes to constant growth of the company – the location has grown to 10 employees today.


  • Fäth GmbH & Co. KG founded in October in a small office in Munich
  • First project is installing pipes for a major customer in the semiconductor industry
  • 4 employees hired by the end of the year. Rental of offices and a workshop in southern Munich (Neuperlach). The location still exists today in expanded form.