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As an independent service provider and expert, our IQ Inspection and Qualification department qualifies gas, chemicals and purified water systems for the microelectronics, semiconductor and photovoltaics industries.

With our reliable specialist personnel, who are LT2-certified by DGZfP e.V. (the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing) and our customer-driven approach, we find quick and tailored solutions for quality and process reliability.

Our employees deploy established measurement methods and test equipment, ensuring the fastest possible commissioning of plants and process media, and maximum security for humans and nature.

We set benchmarks for quality assurance with state-of-the-art technology. The test equipment works with short cycle times and utmost objective measurement accuracy to ensure the purity, leak-tightness and pressure resistance of high-purity gas, water and chemical systems.

The mobile handling and highly compatible features of the technical equipment makes the Fäth Group’s IQ Inspection and Qualification department a flexible partner for companies with exacting standards.

In cooperation with renowned laboratories, it can offer the widest possible range of services with sophisticated and valid results. Database solutions for documentation and reporting on plant analyses round off the range.

The services offered by the Fäth Group’s IQ department include:

  • Pressure test
  • Helium leak test
  • Particle measurement
  • Residual moisture measurement
  • Residual oxygen measurement
  • Residual oil measurement in compressed air
  • Chemical qualification
  • Clean room qualification


Particle measurements in high-purity gases, water and chemicals

We use particle analysers that meet strictest standards for testing gases, chemicals and purified water. Our particle meters are the perfect tool for qualifying supply systems and are suitable for qualifying clean rooms. Our measuring equipment for purified water and chemicals can detect particles from a size of 50 nm and our gas measuring instruments detect particles from 0.1 µm in size.


Residual oxygen and residual moisture measurement

Even smallest residues of oxygen (O2) and moisture can lead to serious production defects and plant downtime. Our test equipment stands out with high precision in electrochemical analysis. We measure with sensitivities down to < 1 ppb in gas supply systems, where impurities can vary from the ppm to the ppb range.


TOC and conductivity measurement

Our portable analysis devices measure ppt levels of organic impurities using state-of-the-art UV oxidation and conductivity measurement technologies. We work with the lowest possible detection threshold for TOC measurements in distribution and process circuits, using detection limits as low as < 20 ppt.


Pressure measurement

We use state-of-the-art pressure measurement technology to detect both positive and negative pressures and differential pressures for liquid and gaseous media. Thanks to the wide range of ports, the devices are compatible with many different plants.
That enables us to cater for even special user requirements. We can measure pressures from -1 to 600 bar (higher pressures on request). Our devices are equipped with data loggers for analysing test results.


Helium leak detection

Our helium test devices find even smallest leakages rapidly and reliably. The dry-running pumps guarantee absolutely oil-free leak detection. The instruments, equipped with a remote control and sniffer probe, are highly flexible and can also be used on-site for large objects thanks to booster pumps.


Residual oil measurement in compressed air

Residual oil measurements in compressed air systems can be conducted from 0 - 2.5 mg/m³.


Video endoscopy

Using endoscopy methods, images and video recordings can be taken from DN15 and in custom lengths up to 8 m.


Range of services/Measuring equipment


Measuring instrument

Detection limit/Measuring

Helium leak test

Pfeiffer Vakuum HLT570

< 1x 10-10 mbar*l/s

Pressure test

WIKA Hand Held

- 1 to 300 bar

Particle measurement in gas

PMS Lasair II

aero trak 9110

0.1 - 5 μm

Particle measurement in purified water and chemicals



lighthouse nanocount 50

0.05 - 0.2μm

0.065 - 0.2μm

0.05 - 0,2μm/Zero count rate < 20 P/L

Moisture measurement in gas

Tiger Optics Halo+

1 ppb - 20 ppm

Atmospheric oxygen measurement

GOX 100

0 -100%

Residual oxygen measurement in gas

Servomex Nano Trace DF550

1 ppb - 10 ppm

Exhaust air volume measurement

Testo 435

Flow speed up to 40m/s

Light intensity measurement

Testo 540

0 - 99999 lux

Noise level measurement

Testo 815

32 - 130 db

Residual oil measurement in compressed air systems

Metpoint OCV compact

0 - 2.5 mg/m³

TOC measurement in purified water

Anatel A1000 XP

Mettler Toledo 450TOC

0.02 - 1999 ppb

0.05 - 1000 ppb

Conductivity measurement in purified water

Anatel A1000 XP

Mettler Toledo 450TOC

15.0 - 18.2 Mohm/cm @25°C

Ferrite content measurement in austenitic and duplex steels

Fischer Feritscope FMP30

15.0 - 18.2 Mohm/cm @25°C
Endoscopy with images and video recordings

Vizaar Typ VUMAN RA-Y

From DN15, probe length 8 m
Analysis of anions, cations and bacteria count in purified water and chemicals

Sampling by qualified specialist personnel

Analysis in external laboratory

Our test personnel for pressure and helium leak tests is certified to DIN EN ISO 9712 LT Level 2

Range of service/Measuring equipment