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As a globally active company, Fäth GmbH is a leader in the development, production, installation, qualification and analysis of water, gas and chemical supply systems. The success of our company is based on our quality principles of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, acting, communicating and making decisions in a flexible, solution and processoriented manner. Qualified employees who are aware of their values, their actions and their responsibilities, our know-how and flat decision-making structures - all these factors ensure our continuous progress.

In securing the company‘s success, the following basic values are important to our shareholders and management as well as to each employee, which guide the cooperation within and outside our company.

Code of conduct of Fäth GmbH



Respect is a sign of quality

These values are lived out in our company through our management principles, process organisation and our special corporate culture. They influence our actions with partners, customers and suppliers. As a solution-oriented company, these behavioral guidelines support us on a technical, organizational and interpersonal level.

Thomas Archner, Managing Director


Hand-out Code of conduct