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The Fäth Group’s vertical integration is most impressively apparent in plant engineering. Our custom developed complete solutions – from chemical supply systems right up to complex piping systems – feature expertise from all segments. We accompany you along the entire journey: from advice, planning and design right up to installation.

Mobile membrane filtration system

in container design

For many companies in the timber industry, treating process wastewater is a key issue. The aim is to remove heavy metals and salts from the water, and re-use as much of it as possible for other processes.

For one of our customers, we built a plant that does just that and is highly impressive in two relevant criteria – efficiency and compactness. It was fitted inside a standard 20 ft shipping container, and equipped with filter racks, pumps, measuring equipment, PP tanks in three different sizes (2000 l, 800 l, 200 l ) as well as a collection tray. The piping was installed in two different pressure stages.

The result is a plant that allows up to 90% of the water to be recovered by combining ultrafiltration with downstream reverse osmosis. The membrane used is cleaned by an integrated CIP (Cleaning in Place) station with a separate CIP cleaning tank.

Range of services:

  • 3D design
  • Fit-out of a 20 ft shipping container with a collection tray and stainless steel rack
  • Installation and fastening of components
  • Plastic and stainless steel piping
  • Control cabinet construction and electrical connection of sensors

Process parameters:

  • Conductivity/pH value
  • Pressure/temperature
  • Flow rate

Mechanical specifications:

  • Fitted in a 20 ft HQ shipping container
  • Total empty weight: 3.5 t
  • PP tanks (2000 l, 800 l, 200 l)

Electrical specifications:

  • Semi-automatic control
  • Frequency controlled pumps
  • Input voltage: 400 V 3 phase 50 Hz
  • Max. input current: max. 80 A


Fully automatic gas cabinet

The GasServant-800 is a fully automatic supply system for withdrawal from liquid and pressurised gas cylinders. The redundant design ensures a continuous supply of gas. The system automatically switches between the two supply lines as required. All process parameters are monitored continuously.

The gas cylinder connection via triple rinsing blocks and a system-controlled rinsing procedure ensures maximum security for the operator when changing cylinders – while also minimising the rinsing gas consumption at the same time. Other safety features protect against leaks, overpressure and fire hazards. Made in Germany using premium components, our gas cabinet meets highest quality standards.

Other equipment options depending on requirements:

  • Vacuum generator
  • Height-adjustable cylinder holder
  • Cleaning cartridge for exhaust gas
  • Bursting discs
  • Cylinder weighing scales for liquefied gases
  • Flame detector
  • Gas detector
  • Cylinder, panel and process line heating