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Major Project Review in Penang/ Malaysia


Last week, we conducted internally for one of our major projects in the APAC region the first major project review in Faeth Asia’s hub in Perai Free Industrial Zone (FIZ), Penang/ Malaysia. It’s a milestone review where the PM team reviewed comprehensively and progressively aspects including project progress/ schedule, procurement and supply of long lead items, sustainable supply of labour resources for installation-supervision-commissioning, quality management and control, certification and inspection sequence, and further essential topics and items, for progressive tracking and assessment to stay on top of our commitment to deliver the project to client satisfactorily, amid the high volatilities in the supply chains of materials and skilled workforce.

As expected, the project team has absolutely fulfilled the points that are required at the present time of the project.

I would like to thank all team members for their commitment. Once again, our team shows that we master the project requirements and delivers to the fullest customer satisfaction.

Delivering hundreds of successful projects since 1985, the FaethGroup deliver world-class, high-value-add project expertise in an high tech environment. With our highly competent and dedicated teams we will bring high-quality project execution, OEM mass-production and customized products to our clients around the globe.