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Leadership and Customer Meetings in Singapore & Penang/ Malaysia

Last weeks (week 40th and 41st of 2022), we, Faeth Group MDs Mr. Thomas Archner and Mr. Oliver Vogt, visited Faeth Asia Headquarter in Singapore and Manufacturing hub in Penang Perai Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) Penang/ Malaysia to meet with the leadership team and reconnect with the rest of the organisation after the COVID 19 pandemic.

During our visit, we met with our key customers and collaborators in the region in person. We had very fruitful, enthusiastic, positive, transparent and open discussions about the existing and upcoming businesses. Faeth Group as global long-term oriented partner will continue to deepen and broaden our support to customers to reach their goals in the Semiconductor industry.

We are incredibly proud of the team and what they have achieved over the last couple of years. Key customers have placed their trust in us and chosen us with repeat large projects in the region, in addition to securing orders from new customers in the region. We have tripled our order intake over the past years and expect further incoming orders which will contribute to the sustainable growth and expansion of our organization in the near future. In parallel, we raised the OEM capacity of our manufacturing plant and will further continue with the expansion in the future.

We are serving more clients in the region than ever before.

Delivering hundreds of successful projects since 1985, the Faeth Group deliver world-class, high-value-add project expertise in an high tech environment. With our highly competent and dedicated teams we will bring high-quality project execution, OEM series production and customized products to our clients around the globe.