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The Fäth Group company profiles:


Fäth Europe


  • Klipphausen (nahe Dresden)
  • München
  • Reutlingen
  • Deutschlandsberg (AT)

Employees: 250

Production space: 6.000 qm

Territory: Europe


  • Turnkey plants from standard to high-purity systems in the semiconductor, photovoltaics and pharmaceuticals industry, volume production for OEMs
  • Service & maintenance

IQ Inspection & Qualification

As an independent service provider and authorised expert, our IQ Inspection & Qualification department qualifies gas and chemical delivery systems for the microelectronics, semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. Our staff uses established measuring methods and test equipment. This ensures the fastest-possible commissioning of plants and process media, and maximises the safety of people and the environment.

The services of Fäth Group / IQ department encompass:

  • Pressure test
  • Helium leakage test
  • Particle test
  • Moisture test
  • Oxygen test
  • Chemical qualification
  • Cleanroom qualification
  • LT2 Certification


  • Klipphausen (near Dresden)
  • Munich
  • Frankfurt
  • Deutschlandsberg

Territory: Worldwide


Qualification of gas and chemicals supply systems in the semiconductor and photovoltaics industry and standard industrial applications

Fäth Asia Pacific


  • Penang/Singapur
  • Shanghai

Employees: 65

Production space: 2,000 m²

Territory: Asia


  • Plant engineering in the semiconductor, photovoltaics and pharmaceuticals industries
  • Service & maintenance


Recycling applications in the semiconductor industry are becoming increasingly important. In addition to protecting the environment and health, recycling helps to optimise production processes and reduce costs.

  • Significantly lower procurement costs for Slurrys
  • Elimination of high storage and transport costs
  • Savings in ultrapure water treatment
  • Reduction of wastewater costs
  • Recycling rate of up to 85%
  • Harmful nanoparticles are filtered out of the wastewater and ensure significantly better water quality


  • Klipphausen (near Dresden)
  • Munich

Employees: 10

Territory: Europe, Asia, USA


  • Development of CMP slurry recovery systems
  • TMAH systems
  • Implementation of backwashing filter systems and high-efficiency wastewater treatments

Website: highq-factory.com